Mormon Discussion: Suzette Smith and the Exponent II

In recent days it has been made public that one of our hosts, Suzette Smith, was involved in the theft of funds from the organization, Exponent II.  We at Mormon Discussion were aware of the offense long before it went public and before Suzette began publishing podcast episodes for the Podcast, “The Asherah Grove”, which is one of many podcasts available under the Mormon Discussion umbrella.  We were notified by Suzette regarding her offense shortly after the offense came to light.

First we want to say that we believe in accountability.  Suzette will have consequences for the actionable offenses she has made both in the legal arena as well in loss of relationships.  What has occurred is no small thing. We extend our sympathy to Exponent II as an organization and hope they are able in time to recoup the entirety of the stolen funds and expect such to occur.  We also have supported Suzette as she ensures restitution is made. Suzette is a unpaid volunteer contributor with our Podcast and organization and never had any access to our funds.

Second we deeply believe in forgiveness and giving people second chances to show they have learned and are taking a different path. We value Suzette as a human being and a friend and feel her position within the podcast is an opportunity to show the world she both has value beyond her mistakes and to contribute in positive ways.

We recognize that some observers will want to ensure as much criticism and punishment in such cases as possible and will be a voice for such actions as removing her as a host, boycotting the podcast, and essentially attempting to force as much hurt on Suzette and any who attempt to support her at this time and through this experience.  Such is never the best path through such things where humans are involved and further deep damage to those involved is at risk. We value the relationships Suzette has with individuals within our organization and many here, while disappointed and betrayed, consider her a friend.  A Friend who needs support as she works to restore confidence and make recompense.    Any further Questions on this matter can be emailed to MormonDiscussionsPodcasts@Gmail.com

Thank You
Bill Reel & The
Mormon Discussion Team

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