The Asherah Grove: 001: Welcome to the Asherah Grove

Today we take off with a new podcast, The Asherah Grove.  Hosted by Suzette Smith, the Asherah Grove will explore women’s issues, The feminine divine, interviews with prominent female scholars and authors.  This episode 1 where we explore the reason for the name Asherah Grove, some of the directions we want to go in, and a request for you the listener to contribute ideas and suggestions.  Email the Asherah Grove at TheAsherahGrove@gmail.com
This first episode contains a few small sound issues.  Please bare with us as we work out the kink in order to provide you quality conversations around feminism and Women’s issues!

Suzette Smith is a member of the church in the Washington DC Metro Area. She has a wide variety of “calling experience” within the church and served a mission to Melbourne, Australia in 1991. In other Mormon work, she has worked with many other Mormon Feminist (MoFem) groups and on many (MoFem) projects, including the Ordain Women actions of 2013-14.

Suzette earned a BS from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Bentley University.  She owns and operates a professional organizing company.  As a podcast junkie, she is excited about this podcast.


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