285: Women And Their Care & Concern for the Mortal Jesus

A good friend of mine.  Smart, informed, wise, and just so happens to be a woman.  She makes this connection in the scriptures.  She sees how the women of the New Testament are operating differently from the men in regards to how they treat the mortal body of Jesus.  What is the degree of care and concern they have for the Savior, How do the disciples react to such interaction, and most importantly how does Jesus regard their behavior.  In one such instance Jesus taught his disciples that wherever the gospel is taught, her story should be told as a memorial to her.  Today we honor that story and ask if perhaps in the very here and now if there is room for more of a role for the daughters of our Heavenly Father.


3 thoughts on “285: Women And Their Care & Concern for the Mortal Jesus

  1. Good points, I lost view of this podcast, sort of got buried in there along with all the others that were sort of published at the same time.

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