216: Heavenly Mother


Guest host Suzette Smith sits down today to interview Rachel Hunt Steenblik about Heavenly Mother, The LDS Gospel Topics Essay on Mother in Heaven, and Mormon Feminism in general.  This is a great discussion that embraces that Mormonism has so much potential to expand in various directions including conversation of the feminine divine.











6 thoughts on “216: Heavenly Mother

  1. What if we make or reveal that the Holy Ghost is our Heavenly Mother?

    Anyone care to play with this idea?

    Yes, we know that D&C 130:22 declares the Holy Ghost without body, but if all revelations require ongoing elaborations or need to be continually perfected, then we could think as Heavenly Mother’s true identity as the Holy Ghost who has been simply hidden from our view until now.

    In this manner our Heavenly Mother has always been present, much like Christ and our Heavenly Father.

    • The idea of all these discussions is to open your mind and leave rigidity of dogma. I have attended dialogues that were quite enlightening on this topic. Discussing Asherah, Wisdom, and ancient female Gods. One possibility is that The Holy Ghost is our Heavenly Sister. So much potential of ideas and learning in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      Thanks for the discussion.

      • Interesting Alternative, although believing the the Holy Ghost is actually our Heavenly Mother place her front and center. Too bad it contradicts a rather firm belief regarding the nature of the HG.

      • So the Holy Ghost being of female gender would add some balance to the Trinity, although the weight of Heavenly Mother would still remain a huge mystery.

        The Holy Ghost is front and center everywhere, pretty much like God & Jesus Christ is. Putting a sister instead of mother seems less appealing to me, but it does keep the doctrine consistent.

        We still need a home for Heavenly Mother. She is the one who truly doesn’t have a place to lay her head.

  2. Just noticed that the notion HG being Heavenly Mother is floated around min 34:15.

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