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Mormon Discussion: Suzette Smith and the Exponent II

In recent days it has been made public that one of our hosts, Suzette Smith, was involved in the theft of funds from the organization, Exponent II.  We at Mormon Discussion were aware of the offense long before it went public and before Suzette began publishing podcast episodes for the Podcast, “The Asherah Grove”, which […]

The Asherah Grove: 001: Welcome to the Asherah Grove

Today we take off with a new podcast, The Asherah Grove.  Hosted by Suzette Smith, the Asherah Grove will explore women’s issues, The feminine divine, interviews with prominent female scholars and authors.  This episode 1 where we explore the reason for the name Asherah Grove, some of the directions we want to go in, and […]

253: Carol Lynn Pearson – Haunting Hearts & Heaven

Today we sit down with with Author, Feminist, and LGBT ally Carol Lynn Pearson.  We discuss her book “The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy” along with several other issues including LGBT inclusiveness and the development of her own faith.  Carol Lynn has been a long time ally and friend of those who feel marginalized by their faith. […]

242: Suzette Smith – A Spiritual Journey

Today Suzette Smith shares the talk she gave at a recent Exponent II retreat.  Exponent II is a Mormon Feminist Magazine that give voice to the Female Perspective.  Suzette Shares her spiritual journey and touches on the feminine divine.  Resources: “Telling the Story of Grief” by Julie Lefgren Exponent II Blog, May 5, 2016 “Claiming […]

236: Heavenly Family Earthly Families

Today we sit down McArthur Krishna, one of the authors of Our “Heavenly Family, Our earthly Families”.  We talk about Heavenly Mother, the role of women in scripture, the importance of gender equality in the stories we tell, and a inclusive definition of family.  We also talk about her adventure of a life and the […]

216: Heavenly Mother

Guest host Suzette Smith sits down today to interview Rachel Hunt Steenblik about Heavenly Mother, The LDS Gospel Topics Essay on Mother in Heaven, and Mormon Feminism in general.  This is a great discussion that embraces that Mormonism has so much potential to expand in various directions including conversation of the feminine divine. […]

152: Neyan McBaine: Women at Church

Today we sit with LDS author Neylan McBaine.  We talk about her book “Women at Church”.  We talk about How the Church handled Women’s roles early in the Church’s onset.  We talk about why she wrote the book, some of the variation that has come into our culture and policies, and the impact of those […]

112: Amy Cartwright: The Role of Women

Amy Cartwright sits down with us today and talks about Women in the Church, why Priesthood for Women would be helpful, and speaks out about the Ordain Women Movement.  

074: Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye: Church Culture

Today We sit down with Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye. She is a scholar and has been around the world in many capacities. She currently lives in Hong Kong. She shares with us her perspective of the Global Church, how the Church itself doesn’t fit a mold, and how each of us might benefit from being aware […]

066: Valerie Hudson: Mormon Feminist

I sit down with Valerie Hudson and discuss feminism and being who you are in spite of the pressure to conform. we also touch on subjects like mental illness, her conversion, and the ordain women movement. Dr. Valerie Hudson joined the faculty of the Bush School in 2012 as the George Bush Chair. An expert […]

051: Karin Mecham: Teenage Pregnancy

Today I sit down with Karin Mecham.  She recounts her story of growing up with a very dogmatic Grandfather who was well known in the Church in his home area.  She also shares how her parents offered balance with their support and non-judgemental approach.  She shares her bad choices which led to a teenage pregnancy […]