Bill has been the one guy who has helped me keep at least my pinky on “the rod” so to speak this last year. I’ve spoken to him on the phone when really frustrated. His podcast, Mormon Discussion is fantastic! I’ve spent hours listening and have learned so much. I see things much different now and yet can now(largely from his help) appreciate people for wherever they are in life. Just wanted to give him a shout out and a recommendation for anyone who might be in a situation where they could use a little more help.

Rachel F.

Hi Bill, Just a quick thank you note for your podcasts. I have been through different phases of faith struggles for about 8 years now and about 6 weeks ago I was able to share my thoughts and feelings with my wife as she noticed I had purchased the book Planted. She has been patient and understanding. We enjoy listening to your podcasts together on our dates or while out running errands. I felt they were the best and quickest way to introduce her to some of the messiness of church history and many of the same questions that I share with you. We appreciate how you “lead with faith” in your pursuit of understanding.  We hope to become premium subscribers in the near future. May god bless you and thanks again for all you do!

Justin H

Bill, I truly appreciate your efforts. You are among the reasons that I, as a total unbeliever, still attend weekly with my dear believing wife and maintain a current temple recommend.


I feel like I know you, even though we’ve never communicated, because you have been a significant support in the faith journey of both my wife and my daughter.  Thank you for your contribution to the dialogue, and for being a source of comfort and Community for those of us in my family undergoing a mormon faith journey.

Bryce C

Thank you Bill Reel. You are the main reason why I choose to stay in the church. I used to think very binary on it, but now I realize that it does not need to be so binary. I love the middle way now.

Dan M.

Bill, I’m a big fan of everything you are doing.  Thanks for putting out your podcasts.

James T.

Hello: I was listening to your podcast yesterday while working out at the gym and noted that you welcomed feedback.  accordingly, I thought I would drop you a quick line.  You seem like a reasonable man with a congenial spirit.

I am sure that there are many within your church who do not appreciate your efforts, but it is refreshing to know of your work.  I used to think that a faith like Mormonism demanded an “all or nothing” approach.  While that may be true if one takes Mr. Smith literally, you have obviously developed a third path.  I will stay tuned to your podcasts.

James D.

Hi Bill, I have listened to some of your podcasts (not all) on mormondiscussion, also to your interview with John Dehlin (when you were a bishop) etc.  I appreciate what you are trying to achieve, and your respectful tone.  I’ve been on a faith transition journey last 5 years or so.  Thanx for what you do

Black S.

Bill, Your podcast about addiction was riveting! You were able to go into the awful details/consequences of addiction without losing the spirit or appearing salacious. Most importantly, you were respectful of your guest in a situation that could have turned exploitative.

Julianne H.

Hi Bill, From one bishop to another, I REELY enjoy your contributions.  Been a fan since Mormon Stories.

Bryce W.

Bill, The recent podcast on Polygamy was one of the best things I’ve ever heard. As a history teacher I tried for many years to do my own research on the subject and it was very frustrating. I have recommended it to many people and I just want to say it was a very well done interview. Happy to donate and hopefully more soon to keep you going.

Brit H.

Bishop, I listened to your online interview/podcast/whatever it was and really appreciated hearing it.  There is a huge amount I could say but will refrain from doing so unless you express interest.  Suffice it to say that I am glad you know you aren’t alone with your concerns.  I have also struggled with similar concerns from time to time.

Chris R.

Bill, About three months ago I discovered your podcasts on the Fair Mormon podcast.   Recently, I discovered your Mormon Discussion podcast.  I appreciate the time, energy, thought and inspiration you put into each podcast.   You have a unique ability to strengthen faith and teach difficult truths simultaneously.  Many times  I have sat in my car after arriving at my destination just to hear a little bit more.    Thank you for what you have done, and your courage to share what you have learned through your own challenges.

Greg L.

I wanted to write and thank you for all the awesome work you do over at Mormon Discussions podcast. I’m always so excited to see what new articles you will post as I love to think about those ideas and utilize the concepts in my lesson planning. Thank you.

Chelsi A.

Hello Bill, Just wanted to send you a note and let you know I especially liked your podcast about John W Taylor.  I thought it was fascinating.  I like all your podcasts, but I especially like learning the history and background behind components of the church.  Things we haven’t been taught in church.  Keep up the good work

Dave R.